From trash to art: the Magpie Art Collective

11.08.2014 | On my drive along the Route 62 I stopped in Barrydale where I discovered an interesting project that turns trash into inspiring art: the Magpie Art Collective. They use trash like plastic bottles, tins or old porcelain to create new objects: eye-catching chandeliers that put things we usually throw away into a new context of beauty and value. Very inspiring!

And very successful: The Magpie Art Collective started about 15 years ago in Cape Town. After some years the Magpie team decided to move to Barrydale, which lies in a more rural area in the Little Karoo, and to continue their business from there. This was only possible because they had good internet access there as they sell their luxury chandeliers to places in the whole world – the White House for example.

On top of that the Magpie project also supports the local communities around Barrydale. They do not only employ people but also create community events that strengthens the connectedness of the people who live there.

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