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Mrs Ples and Me

08.06.2017 | Are you aware that there is an unbroken line of life that has been passed on from the very first beginning in the primordial soup of this planet to you – your body, heart, mind as… Read More

These iron bars…

08.06.2014 | … in front of all the windows must be useful for something different I thought: drying my clothes in the sunshine.

They call it winter…

08.06.2014 | … but I love the fresh crispness of the air and the bright sunshine in these Joburg’s mornings. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Jozi Street Views

07.06.2014 | Yesterday was tourist bus day. From the top front of the bus I was able to take some cool pictures of Joburg’s streets in the Central Business District (CBD).

Darkness and Light

05.06.2014 | South African photographer Jodi Bieber has captured moments of hardship and truth as well as colorful portraits of people in her work between 1994 and 2011. Today I have been to the Wits Art Museum to… Read More