Canoe polo and travel magic

02.08.2014 | On this journey I have usually relied on the flow and the magic of travelling: Having a rough idea about what to do and then just being inspired by the places themselves and by the people I meet. My first day in Knysna at the Garden Route, Western Cape, was a day where travel magic didn’t seem to work and nothing seemed to happen. Grey like the weather, no real highlights. No clarity in myself about what to do. But I was wrong.

In the morning I woke up and wasn’t sure what to do: a cruise on the lagoon, hiking, just walking around in town or even shopping in the local mall? So, I had a relaxed long breakfast first, then walked into town to the waterfront to do the lagoon cruise at noon. At the ticket booth the lady said the boat wouldn’t go as there were no other people. But the 16h sundowner cruise would definitely take place later that day. Ok, so I bought a ticket for that.

Again the question: What to do in the remaining time till the cruise started? Weather was pretty cloudy, so just sitting in the sun and enjoying that – like I had done in several other places – was not really an option. Caffe Mario at the Knysna waterfront seemed a good place to have a cappuccino and to further contemplate about my possibilities. Two cappuccinos and a delicious apple cream cake later I was still undecided – and I didn’t want to force myself into something – after all it’s my holiday here.

No new charger

I had asked the local computer shop for a new charger for my netbook, an ASUS Eee PC, the day before but they had said it was not in stock not easy to get from their suppliers – if at all. So, I walked there again and hoped for some good news on this issue. But no – the guy said the charger is not available here in South Africa – at least not through his suppliers.

Sundowner cruise in grey

Ok, back to the waterfront and time to get on board for the sondowner cruise – all the lagoon still under clouds and the whole atmosphere and views really grey-ish: a different kind of beauty than what one would typically expect.

I surrendered to the idea that this day would just be one of these unspectacular, normal, grey days that do indeed happen on a journey like this as well.

And then the travel magic began…

When I got off the boat in the marina I saw people playing the water sports you can see on the picture. Yeah, finally, some action! I asked a man who was watching about the name of this sport and he answered „canoe polo“ – and we started chatting. About my journey, my further travel plans, what I wanted to do in Knysna… His name was Okkie and he is a teacher at a local school. At the end of our talk I had a clear idea of what to do next and a recommendation for a tour guide to do some hiking:

And travel magic wasn’t finished then. Waiting to be seated at Caffe Mario for dinner I met three gorgeous young women – Kathrin, Carlon and Marisha – with whom I had an inspiring talk while eating.

What a beautiful day!

(This post was completely written on my mobile phone – phew…)


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